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Kerkstraat 125 - 2940 Hoevenen


Kerk Attenhoven is a former parish church in Hoevenen, North of Antwerp, founded by Gillis van Attenhoven

 around 1248. At the end of the 16th century, due to religious disputes, the church was seriously harmed by direct violence, military inundations and the use of the church as a place for refugees. Next to human violence, nature also had a part in harming the building. The church flooded around 1680.

From 1972 on the church went into decay as a new church was built in the neighborhood. From 1996 on the church was renovated and desecrated.


In summary, the most perfect location full of history. Let's desecrate the church to fullest by displaying our obscure and dark arts! Join us for this celebration.

Kerkstraat 125 - 2940 Hoevenen

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