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Discover a realm where creativity knows no bounds and the extraordinary becomes the norm. This unique exhibition invites you to explore a diverse array of artistic expressions that challenge conventional definitions and push the boundaries of imagination. From avant-garde installations to experimental performances, each piece is designed to provoke thought, inspire wonder, and evoke a deep emotional response. Step into a world where the familiar fades and the extraordinary takes center stage, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey through the uncharted territories of art.


An exposition of paintings, drawings, taxidermy, bodyart, performance art and many more.

Join us to celebrate the obscure arts on the most obscure location around Antwerp, Belgium

7-8 September 2024


Celebration of the dark and obscure arts. Find out soon who will join me.


Kerk Attenhoven is a unique gothic monument in decay in the North of Antwerp. The perfect location to display all kinds of obscure treasures. 

Adress: Kerkstraat 125 - 2940 Hoevenen


Soon more information!

Keep an eye on this website or my social media (@lottevdh) to stay updated about the event!

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